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For Dr. Rob Greene, becoming a successful screenwriter in California was a dream career out of college. But when an emergency dental situation suddenly consumed his schedule one chance week, he found himself mesmerized by his dentist’s engaging personality and unique skillset. Rob soon realized his creative talents were meant for something different than Hollywood. The journey from the entertainment business to dental school and residency coalesced into a practice that would offer something more than the typical office.

Rob always enjoys good conversation about travel stories and is a major foodie, so it’s likely he’ll strike up a chat about missing the beach or the best places to grab a bite. He can often be found enjoying a NY-style pizza with his wife Jeanie, who is a pediatric dentist, alongside their son Frankie, and golden retriever, Harry who sometimes visits the office.

Dr. Greene had a vision to provide patients with a wide spectrum of comprehensive care, in a casual, safe setting, without feeling rushed or pressured.

Treatments from basic to advanced specialty are available with painless anesthesia and mild to moderate sedation. The office is passionate and devoted to keeping up with the latest technology and modern AI software to perform the best outcomes from cosmetic to surgical dental care.

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